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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...
Something interesting happened at work today.

One of my friends was going to make photocopies of a book and after the point was unknowingly revealed to me, she felt that I was giving her "dirty looks." Aside from the fact that I dont' know what or how a dirty look is given, I must say I was a bit surprised that she was doing that.
Personally if I am going to use a book, if its more than 1 chapter, then I like to keep the book. Not because I want the author to get some money but because I feel that any book I use for more than 1 chapter must have something in it that I can learn from and indeed I would look at the other chapters even if they were not assigned in class. However, I do not expect that other people have the same views as me so I deal with it internally. Where I do feel a pinch is when people photocopy books completely. Again i'm not sad because they are not putting food on an authors table; i am sad because they spend 5 hrs standing in front of a copy machine painstakingly flipping the book back and forth making those copies. If they could just spend that 5 hrs reading the book, then they would appreciate the knowledge of the book. Not to mention the vast ammounts of paper they waste because at the end of the semester, they don't give the copies to someone else or have the option of "selling the book to someone else." I'm just sad that people put so much effort to save a measly 50 dollars. Life is just too short for me to waste in front of a copy machine. :-)
Conclusion - Not mad or angry at my friend. Just suprised. However, i'm not going to think less of her for doing what she felt necessary to do. I know that everyone I work with is good at heart and would go out of their way to help anyone...so its all good. :-)

On the topic of friends, my good friend, to whom I lent my XBOX, has been playing it quite strenuously. I messaged him today and like the last four days, his wife responded saying he was playing xbox. So I jokingly said, maybe I should ask him to return the xbox so that he can begin functioning like a normal human again. I was quite surprisingly amused by her response. "YES PLEASE!" :-)
Tomorrow is a get together at the Vine at 7. I do hope I remember to go.


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