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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

So what else can you do to your ipod
Well, my friend Vivek asked me today what you can do to your ipod, besides playing music. Well

1) Store photos with the Belkin Media Reader
2) Use it to record speeches/meetings etc using the Griffin iTalk Voice Recorder.
3) Get audio books from Audible. BTW the new photo Ipod allows you to "Adjust the read speed for Audiobooks."
4) Use it as a portable hard drive
5) Remind yourself with Text Notes
6) Play games (solitare, pong)
7) Keep appointments using the Alarm Clock/Sleep Timer
8) Stay organized with contacts/calendars/to-do lists
9) Connect it to your car using the iPod Stereo Connection Kit
10) Hack the iPod Firmware to display your own graphics.
11) Put Linux on your iPod.
12) Add Wifi to your iPod.

Hopefully in the future, the ipod will be able to take pictures, stream video, check email and even support bluetooth devices. One can only hope.


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