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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Old Man
Someone said recently that I looked like I was 30 years old. I'm not. Not even close. So why do I look so old? Is it the endless hours spent crouching over my monitors, basking in their glow. Or is it that I have too much stress?

Well seems that "according to the findings of a science team led by Elissa Epel at the University of California, SF, stress can cause accelerated aging of cells. The mecanism seems to be linked to oxidative stress at cellular level, that keeps the enzyme telomerase from regenerating the chromosomial telomere caps which shorten a bit during each replication cycle. Telomere caps are known to be a very important factor determining the replication capacity of every cell. Once these caps are gone,a cell goes to a state of senescence, and ultimately dies. People exposed to prolonged periods of stress have been shown to have significantly shorter telomere caps on the chromosomes of their white blood cells."



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