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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Launching a Command Prompt Window through a Shortcut
My Start Menu is getting cluttered. I have too many things in there and I don't want to go looking for them in the folders, no matter how well I organize it.

For one thing, I want VS.NET and the CMD window for VS.NET to be on a shortcut. So I have two options.

1) Use my multi monitor application, Ultramon, and tell it what the shortcut and the file to open should be. As you can see, I gave the Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut to start VS.NET and the Ctrl+Shift+D key to start the command prompt.

2) My other option is to create shortcuts for these programs in their properties itself.

Now click in the textbox called Shortcuts and pres the key shortcut you desire. I chose Ctrl+Shift+S. Interestingly, because I had already registered Ctrl+Shift+V in Ultramon, I couldn't use it. And voila, your done. Click Apply and then try that shortcut keystroke you chose. It should work.


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