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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

iTunes with .NET?
Yes...but i bet these mac ppl didn't code it well. What do they know about coding on windows systems. :-)

iTunes COM for Windows SDK
This SDK provides header files, documentation, and sample JScript files demonstrating how to use the iTunes for Windows COM interface. COM is the Microsoft technology, similar to AppleScript on Mac OS, that allows programmatic control of iTunes from languages like JScript, Visual Basic, C#, and C++. This SDK requires iTunes for Windows version 4.7 or later. [Nov 8, 2004]

iTunes Visual Plug-ins SDK for Windows
This SDK contains the files necessary for iTunes Visual Plug-ins development for iTunes for Windows, and includes documentation and sample code. Specifically, this SDK contains "iTunesAPI.h", "iTunesVisualAPI.h", and "iTunesAPI.c" that developers will use to develop their own Plug-ins. This Windows SDK includes a sample project for Visual Studio 6. [Oct 16 2003]


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