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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Spam Spam Spam & Ham!
Spammers are evil, malicious, internet clutter bugs who like to make you waste time and reduce productivity checking their stupid emails about regalis and vioxx and other drugs no one wants or cares about.

BUT, there are also those spammers who are all of the above and format their email properly and don't try to kick your ass.

Here is one such example.

Thank you Trevor Hanley (a.K.a. Malicious bastard with nice formatting) for that nice email and making me waste time. It was a real pleasure looking at your email with no subject and great font. At least you care about my living conditions and not about superficial things like the size of my penis. You made me happy because I got to delete another email, the 70'th of the day. Thanks for all the memories, malicious bastard.


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