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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I'm too sleepy to go to sleep!
Apparently, a USB toothbrush was invented...for the lazy sods who just won't get away from their computers.

Imagine that! The Imagine Cup 2005 is now ready for you. Do something, make something. Waste your time already!!!

An Asynchronous CPU?? Whats next, a computer that doesn't wait for a response from the user?

How do you say Overkill in Kiswahili using MS Word??? Well now you don't have to worry because Microsoft Launches Its Kiswahili Edition.

Could Côte d'Ivoire Return to Civil War? Havock in western africa! Wars and famine. A continent destitue and demoralized by years of aparthteid, civil wars, genocide and other atrocities. When will this cycle of war end? Not until the UN and IMF/World Bank get their but in gear. More importantly, The developed nations (G6 et. al.) need to do MORE. There is dire need of medicine, education and sustained peace.

Power, Corruption, Lies! These are the stories of a Minister, arrested for selling state owned grain to fill his coffers. The Warm Heart of Africa is having palpitations from hunger.


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