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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

An Apple A Day Keeps the Tech Doctor Away!
The new Black Colored IPOD Featuring U2 is just HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE I TELL YA! What is with the red bezel. I can understand you trying to contrast the black with the red but it just looks awful. Apple, I ask you, Why didn't you try Zinc or System? :-)

The new IPOD Photo, same as the IPOD of old but with the capability of storing pictures is a nice idea. I would definately go for it if I didn't already have an IPOD. Plus the IPOD is being upgraded to 60GB. I got my digital camera just in the nic of time :-)

Halloween came and went. We laughed, we cried, we all had a good time. But those with ipod on their minds did something quite excentric.


ugh... ugly color for the iPod. The new picture one is pretty neat though. I actually thought about getting one.. and then realized I wouldn't use it enough. :)


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