Ankh Morpork's Finest Coder
Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Blog has moved
My blog has now moved for the second time. It is not being hosted on my home server. I haven't finished setting it up completely but for now the url is http://temphome.mine.nu/cs/blogs/default.aspx

I am hoping to keep the http://www.sushantbhatia.com/blog url so that you guys don't have to worry about making changes to your links. :-) See its all about you.
Sunday, April 03, 2005

Evil Curse
I believe there is an evil curse on me. I seem to fall sick so often these days. Last night, the right hand side of my face got swollen and was painful. So today, I went to the dentist cause it was a gum thing and she said that the nerve has become infected and is called an absys. So she had to give me some anesthetics and then make an incision on the side of the gums and get the pus out. My face is still swollen and i'm on some HEAVY medication. I'm feeling so out of whack now. I guess its the world trying to tell me not to do my thesis or graduate. :-)
Friday, April 01, 2005

Linux you torment me thus!
Dammit, Linux doesn't want to install. I get the following error:

Loading...isolinux: Diskerror 80, AX = 42DB, drive 9f
Boot Failed: Press a key to retry...

This stupid error occurs again and again. I looked online and it seems it could be that the cd didn't burn properly or my hd is messed (which I doubt because it runs other OS's just fine).

Any ideas??

Evoking the Installation Gods
I've been messing around with hardware & software today. I "fixed" some hardware in my pentium 2, added hd & cdrom and removed the floppy. Then I installed Windows Server 2003 & right now I'm updating it to the SP1 patch that came out yesterday.

Once that is done, I will install a new WinXP w/SP2 onto my machine. After that, I'm in two minds. Appy suggested that Vitural PC with Fedora should be a nice collusion. I like that idea and the fact that I can make a copy of fedora as a Virtual PC and take it to another machine. But the draw back is performance. I want it to run really fast so I can experience it without any "problems."

I got my External drive today...looks sweet...but very noisy. Good think it has a off button. The headphones suck comfort wise but they were around $2. The 2 PS/2 to USB is amazing. I LOVE THE KVM SWITCH! I can press Scroll Lock 1/2 to get between the two computers.

I also installed a USB 802.11b adapter on the pentium 2.

This neat device works pretty well although using the provided software to "connect" doesn't work at all. So now my Win Server 2003 machine is ready to be left underneath the side table. I hope to setup an FTP server for my cousin. Also I might just run a SQL Server database out of it. I need to use it for my thesis stuff and till now i've used my server machine in school for this stuff but its getting crowded with stuff and I couldn't be bothered to reinstall. I'll also use the server machine to run Skype so that I can talk to my cousin as we play Unreal Tournament 2004 together.

I have a Logitech bluetooth headset.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to want to work with windows. It connects but when I look under services provided, it doesn't show anything.

Anyways, there's tons of work to be done still and even though I was hoping to be done today, it might be the weekend before I'm completely set.