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Friday, March 11, 2005

Ode to Yesterday!
I had the distinct pleasure to meet a guy from M$ yesterday by the name of Brett Humphrey. He's an extremely bright and cool guy. (He tells a story about how a friend of his at apple sent him a new IPOD and as a joke, he wants to load WinCE onto it and send it back!) We talked to him for about 2 hrs and Sreekar (person I work with & all around cool guy) demonstrated his part of the project which is the face recognition. He even captured Brett's visage, uploaded it into the database and managed to make the app recognize him; all in a matter of minuted. Sreekar and team(vivek & greg) have done a marvellous job with the face recognition. (But it uses java...shhh! Don't tell them I told you!)

Other things we talked to Brett about was how "inept" SAPI is, what can be done about it and how we should approach the issue. Also on the agenda for our coversation was how you create a WYSIWYG XML editor. The idea being that HTML editors use the WYSIWYG approach to allow you to create html without you having to know HTML. In the same way we want a "Word" like application that instead of using .doc files will use .xml files. I think we gave Brett something to think about.

Brett very kindly offered to come back today (friday) to help us (me!) design a "core" for the XML editor thingy. I can't wait! This man has worked on so many different projects at MS. I'm just salavating at the opportunity to work with someone who has years of industry experience, esp with design & knows so much.

On that note, CUbiC, where I work, has just deployed iCare Reader v1.0.1. This monumentous occasion was marked with the setting up of a Reader station at the ASU Disability Resources Center. I had the pleasure of giving a few of the people there a run through of our app. I must say, they were all very thrilled and excited with the prospect of using the Reader. Its days like this that give you joy in knowing that what you do can help someone else. I would like to get pictures of the new iCare Reader put up on the CUbiC Website. So far all of the pictures are of the older versions. This new one is sleak. Its all black and it just looks so nice!

Thats my ode to yesterday and I'm sticking to it. Ole!


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