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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Damn Its 12:30am already!!!
How quickly time flies when your doing nothing. I came home early to get some sleep so I can get into work early and get some serious stuff done.

Anyways, I guess it will have to be a bit later now. I ordered some stuff from Newegg.com. Nothing major, just a microphone/headset $2.75. A Kinwin external usb 3.5" hd enclosure for my spare 250GB hd for $28.47. Finally, a USB-2 PS/2 port cable for my KVM switch for $7.49.

Total is $38.73. Those thugs then charged me $14.78 for shipping on Fedex Express Saver. What a rip off but sadly, I didn't realize my error before the order was processed.


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