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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Audible.com - A sad tale.
I have been a big audible.com fan since Dec 2003 when I got my IPOD for the sole purpose of listening to Audiobooks. I had at that time felt that my "consumption" of lesuire reading was non-existant and so I decided to take on the $20 a month subscription to pay for the two books a month I got in return. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I managed to get the complete Terry Pratchett series. From his first book to the latest one, i've heard them all. Every night, I let my computer play a book as I lie in bed and listen to the story.

Sadly, I will have to shut down my subscription after April 10th. Unfortunately, I've spent way too much money on these "books". At last count - $20/month * 16 months = $320. I've got 43 books (actually I bought some books too) so I spent $400 on books.

43 books. I never realized just how many I had. Its worth every penny I spent on it. I might restart it when I have a proper job but for now, funding is low and this is a $20 a month I can't spend anymore.

So long, Adieu & Thanks for all the fish!


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