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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Why do a masters degree?
In my opinion, schools are an evil conspiracy of morning people. If you've ever wanted to switch your sleeping patterns, wake up whenever you wanted to, sleep whenever you wanted to, then college is for you. Forget going to class, forget going to the labs. Who cares about the exams. Sleep is the most important part of any college students life. Believe it or not, mine too. I have the wierdest sleeping patterns. Some days i'll switch to the mass public's sleeping patterns and other days they will be completely reversed.

I told a friend at school about how Napoleon used to sleep only a few minutes at a streach on a frequent basis. I've done everything to my sleeping patterns. Stayed up for days, slept for days, stayed up for hrs and slept for hrs. But I am yet to try the patterns that Napolen and other famous people are supposedly said to have. If not in college, where else. Viva La College!


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