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Monday, January 31, 2005

To PHD or not to PHD, that is the question..
At ASU, if you want to pursue a PHD (CS), you would require the following.

30 hrs Masters coursework
30 hrs ASU Phd coursework
6 hrs Research
18 hrs Dissertation
Total = 84 hrs

However, for the ASU Phd coursework, you only need
12 hrs Independent Study
12 hrs Coursework (4 classes)
6 hrs Research

So this means that were I to enroll into PHD, I would only need to take 4 classes of mind numbing pain and the rest of the time I could work on my research by doing independent studies and research credits.

The only problem I would have with this is that I will have to be here for longer and also PHD's shouldn't be done from the same university you did your bachelors from. And it will be an extra 2.5 years for that (12 credits a semester for 7 semesters). However, if I were able to do 18 credit hrs a semester then it would only take me 1.5 years (3 semesters) which isn't that bad.


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