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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The day in review
We had a little get together at the vine today. As usual I got the veggie burger with fries. However, I was highly dissapointed with the portions. I also drank 2 corona's. $8.50. What a rip off. I'm never ordering at vine ever again.

So on the way back, I felt like some Tiramisu. Got 4 pieces. Had 3. Then came home and had another one that was in the fridge. At this point I went to bed and was going to go to sleep when, and I now think I have gone over the edge, I got back up, got onto the treadmill and ran for 40 minutes. Well more like a run for 2.4 miles and walk for 0.6. I had to be careful not to run too hard as we have no water in the house. Anyways, I burned about 460 calories. Definately not enough for todays pigging out. My arteries are gonna feel it tomorrow.

I am so thirsty now. I think I'll go see if the vending machine has any water or gatorade.

UPDATE: The damn machine ate my dollar :-( What a jib!!


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