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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Busy Life - Happy 2005
So I didn't end up going to the block party after all. They wanted $20 just to get into the block, after which you had to buy your own drinks and food. Screw that! So whats going on in my life; tons of stuff. Studying for an exam, working on thesis, working on a programming project for the business, working on creating my website, working on creating a VS.Net 2005 Design Patterns code article, working on my apt (cleaning dishes etc), working on sleeping, working on selling some cd's, reading audiobooks, listening to music and just craving good food. I NEED some really GOOD food. Rajma and chawal...mmm....with a nice ice cold cola. Dam that would go down well. I cooked a few noodles over the weekend. I'm totally sick of noodles now. I think I put too much tomato sauce into it. Bleh!

I was supposed to meet with out CSE Graduate advisor on the 3rd. I've been trying to meet with her since dec 23rd. Yesterday I get a call, she's sick and wont be back until the 5th. AHHH!! Why don't they have a backup advisor. This sucks. Only 1 person to handle all CSE graduates here at ASU. Thats too much work for 1 person and there is no fallback. I hate this kinda "situation." No Redundancy.

I'm supposed to go to Fry's today at 10am. A good friend of mine is gonna give me a ride. I must say people in my lab are some of the kindest people I've met. They are ever ready to help. I really appreciate that.

Anyways, I need to get a power adapter for my IPOD. Dam piece of crap is starting to loose battery power for no reason. I'm gonna try leaving it on charge for a few hrs and see what happens.

Ok I need some coffee. Farbucks here I come.


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