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Monday, December 20, 2004

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
I installed this game last night after not having anything better to do. Took a few pics along the way to show you just what a cool game it is.

I just wanna be at the lake, a full moon in the sky...and a chopper in the air.

This is awesome. I've had this game for ages but didn't know that in the handgun mode, you can press the right button to get a red pointer that will tell you exactly where your shooting. Of course, the pointer moves all over the place based on your breathing but its still very cool.

I'm in some kind of server room. It looks better in the game..so many flashing lights...so many red and blue flashing lights.

Its a MS windows computer screen in the game. Wheres the blue screen? :-)

An access panel. The major improvement from Splinter Cell 1 is that these panels now accept your numpad keys. Prior to this, you had to move your mouse around and click on the separate keys to gain access. So tedious...but now so easy.

He's ninja. Except he's a real geek too. Notice the very geeky puch full of, most likely, software, lens cleaner and some tissues.

Mmmm...brains....i'm so hungry now. Looking at them through the in game binoculars. These things are very powerful. Unfortunately, they didn't model these with the same hand drifting that you get when using a gun sight or the handgun targeter.

And they say games aren't educational. See the periodic table. Its there. And its in a chem lab too. See the table, do an experiment. Find a new explosive. Ironically, the next thing you do in the game is climb into a ventilator shaft and shoot a gas line to kill some bad guys thus learning that natural gas in your high school chem labs can be quite dangerous. :-)

When you zoom into the periodic table, you can actually tell what they are. H - Hydrogen, Li - Lithium, Na - Sodium, K - Pottasium....ahh don't you just love the periodic tables :-)

A cell phone camera used by a NPC in game is given to you. Of course you know that Ericsson paid a load of money for the in game advertising.

This is finally where I stopped for tonight. Sam Fisher (the character you play) is in Israel tracking down some bio agent thats supposed to fall into the wrong hands. One false move and mission over. You can be seen by anyone, you cant be caught. So much fun :-)


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