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Monday, December 13, 2004

OWL-S Semantic Markup For Web Services
OWL-S is a standard that provides semantic information about Web Services. I was going through it today and I noticed a problem. So I wrote to the Editor of the article, David Martin. Here's what I said:

Dear Mr. Martin.

This is in regards to the article titled OWL-S Semantic Markup For Web Services located at http://www.daml.org/services/owl-s/1.1/overview/

I was looking over the OWL-S Semantic Markup For Web Services and in particular at section 5.4 Composite Process. I believe there is a missing section. Under the OWL-S control conditions are listed the following:
Split + Join

However, the Condition clause is not described in the detailed section. For instance, this is the description of Sequence. The same description is missing for Condition.

: A list of control constructs to be done in order.

Is this an erroneous ommission or is this as yet undefined. I'm sorry if this is old news but I'm pretty new to OWL-S. :-)


Sushant Bhatia
(Arizona State University)

I got a response from Mr. Martin in a matter of hrs.

Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 02:17:27 -0800
From David Martin
To Sushant Bhatia
Subject Re: OWL-S Semantic Markup For Web Services
Parts Message Source

Hi -

Thanks for pointing this out.

You are right that there is a discrepancy. Actually, there is not a control construct called Condition. So the mistake is in this sentence:

We conclude this section with an overview of the OWL-S control constructs: Sequence, Split, Split + Join, Choice, Any-Order, Condition, If-Then-Else, Iterate, Repeat-While, and Repeat-Until.

That makes it easy to fix: all I need to do is remove "Condition" from that sentence. However, the 1.1 version is frozen, so the change won't appear until the 1.2 version is released.

Thanks again.

- David Martin

COOL. I found an error in there. The OWL-S reference has been around since 10 February 2004. I mean come on, hasn't anyone read the OWL-S overview?


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