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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Command Prompt Copy Paste Shortcut
So you want a quicker way of copy-pasting content from your cmd.exe window...well here ya go.

1) Open the properties for cmd.exe. (Alt+space, P) (Means, press Alt and Space together then after that press P).

2) In the Options Tab, there is a group box called Edit Options. There is a checkbox in there called Quick Edit Mode. Select the checkbox.

3) Click Ok.

4) A new window should pop up asking you if you want to Apply properties to current window only or Save properties for future windows with the same title. Select the second option "Save properties for future windows with the same title" and press Ok.

5) Now when there is some data you want to copy, you can Click and Drag on the text to select it and then press the Right mouse button to copy it.

6) To paste the test simply press the right mouse button and the text should be pasted.

Enjoy. :-)


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