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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Weekend Fun!
On Saturday night, there was a police chopper flying low over our area broadcasting a request to call the cops if we say some armed robber who was wearing a blue jacket and headband. A lot of ppl came out of their apartments to watch the commotion. Lots of fun..and we even went on to sing Kumbaya together...not really! :-)

I finished Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett on saturday. What an entralling listen (for those who don't know, I listen to the audio book that I get from Audible. The main jist of the novel is Vampires want to take over a small land where 4 very different witches practically run the show. This happen, and your also introduced to a character called Igor. Igor's are the name given to all butlers from the Ubervalt area (run by vampires and werewolves). The book I am currently reading is called The Fifth Elephent. So far, I've encountered 3 Igors who appear mysteriously behind a person when called. They are traditionalists and at one point, one of them is driving back to the city at full speed because "Its traditional to get back to the castle before sunset!" Say that with slurs and you've got yourself an Igor. Oh and you have to stitch yourself from parts of bodies. :-) The ability of Terry Pratchett to poke fun at so many "cultural" fads of our society is amazing. If there was an english class that talked about this in high school, maybe I just might have been better at Literature. :-)


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