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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ladies and gentlemen. I am proud to show you today, the much awaited halo setup from my very own home.


The Projector: From my lab where I work, this piece of equipment is a must have for any game enthusiast. I have one of those Wall World Maps that I turned inside out so that the white back cover would allow for a nice surface for projection. I got myself approx 50" screen with that.

The Game: Halo 2 - Collectors Edition. Comes with bonus material on a dvd.

The bonus material had the following Behind the Scenes content
1) Making of Halo 2
2) Developing the game
3) Bonus Material
4) Setup & Credits

There was a lot of "talking" on this dvd. Not too exciting from a game point of view.

Friends: Dan kindly "volunteered" to play the game with me :-)

Projector Setup

I took the tv off its cart and placed the projector on top, the xbox in the bottom drawer and speakers on the side.

The projector....its ALIVE!!!

I popped the cd in, and chills run down my spine in anticipation.



THE GAME ROCKS!!!! Notice the double laser gun. A cool new feature of Halo 2 is that you can wield two weapons together. This means that you can have double the firepower, double the time to overheat of some weapons and double the fun.

MASTER CHIEF!! Yes Master Chief is still around but his suit is "improved".

SNIPING GUN...OMG!!! There are 2 sniping guns in this game. Without giving much away, oh who cares, i'll give it away. So you play as Master Chief and as the "Arbitor" (I think thats what they say..forgive my speakers). The arbitor is a Covenant (alien) and in this game, the weapons from both sides of the fence can be used by both sides. The sniping gun for the aliens is a pulse/electric kind of weapon which is very efficient and very powerful.

There are some great views in game. Here are two such views.

Another cool feature of this game is the number and type of vehicles you can use. Any vehicle can be used. Old HALO fans will remember the tanks of the aliens that you could never get into, well in this game you can.

You can also steal vehicles from others while they are moving. You just jump onto the vehicle by pressing and holding X as they drive past, you automatically jump on and then pound the driver/gunner until you get the vehicle. In tanks you can plant grenades to "persuade" the enemy to "lend" you their vehicle.

I am yet to finish this game. Its quite long, well not as long as HALO but long enough. And I am yet to try the multiplayer modes too. I am told that they are just awesome. The reviews on Gamespot give this game a 9.4/10. They were not impressed with the in game story but I disagree with their evaluation. I find that there are stories within stories and sucessfully intertwining them is a major task that Bungie has accomplished with flying colors. One thing I did find is that there is definately more "darkness" in the game than in the earlier HALO. This kinda makes it annoying because I started to get nauseated from all the sudden movements from flashes of light. But I still love the game. :-)


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