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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Friday Night Fever!
We went to Classic Italian Pizza for dinner to celebrate Dan & KC getting married and my Bday. Well was supposed to be my Bday but since Dan got married, we thought we'd save time and money and just do it together. :-) The food was good. I bought 5 pieces of tiramisu. The bill was hefty and life goes on! All in all, a lot of fun.

Daniel is too fast for my camera. Its Neo Daniel!

Dan: "It burns...it burns!" The happy couple who got married that day. Mr. Daniele & Mr. KC Pagano.

Elizabeth and Justin.

Aww look at the love in the eyes of Daniel and Michael. :-) Jk.

Est Andy et Jessica. They were sitting right next to me so I didn't get too good of a shot.

Baron & KC's Mom.


Michael smelling the flowers!

Daniel is always so happy!

Its ME!


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