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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Dam this work! & Other ramblings.
My cousin and his wife are having their first diwali after getting married. Apparently this is supposed to be a big thing. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to their house for this celebration as I am at work. I hate it when things like this happen. I feel really bad not being able to make it there. Dam you my work ethic...dam you!!!

On the flip side of this coint, spending the whole day at work today has allowed me to make quite a few fixes to some major bugs. I am definately wiser now from having gone through the whole process of Requirements | Design | Coding | Maintenance especially on the design side. I really am beginning to appreciate the effort and fore thought that needs to go into making a good product.

BTW. Screw all you linux and mac users...quit your bitching and just use your operating system. I don't need to hear why you think Mac or linux is better. As far as I am concerned you can shove that computer up your dark alley.

I have had to listen to ppl from work tell me that Windows sucks. Yeah so!!! If you quit your whining and can create a replacement OS for your own personal use then I'll listen to what you have to say. My coworkers were saying that even if someone could create a product superior to windows, they won't get the market penetration that windows has because of some politics. All I have to say to that is, make an OS for "YOUR OWN USE!!!" and then talk. Its very easy to critisize but not so easy to do. My coworkers say But then how will we send files etc to others. Well MS provides you with things like COM for the very purpose of getting the files. So shut the hell up and do it. If you can't then get lost!!!

I have no patience for people who only whine and cannot perform simple programming tasks. YOU MORONS!!! You give programmers a bad name because of you don't write good code! How DARE you be and call yourself a programmer.

It comes to my attention that some companies will not pay overtime to programmers. Well, my good friend Daniele enlightnened me on this. If no pay, me no work. If companies will not pay for my time, why should I give it to them. I will put an extra effort only if I have a vested interest in some project. If not, then I'll only work the 9-5 hrs.

I've eaten Subway all of my last 3 meals. And i've even had the footlong sub. But for some reason, I'm still hungry. WHY WHY WHY!!

Well, i'm gonna go get some water now. Might as well drink more water every time I feel hungry when its not time for a meal.


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