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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

My Picture Box with the Imp inside.
I bought a new camera. Yes I finally gave in to peer pressure and bought one so that I can take pictures of my whiteboard and save all my work.

They came to deliver it today and obviously I wasn't home so they decided to ignore the note on the door to deliver it to the office. Decided, they would rather come back tomorrow when, again, I am not home. So with the help of a college, I shall go today at 7:30 and pick it up from them. They should pay me now for the transportation that I have to use because they didn't fullfil their obligation to deliver it to me.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could have an option to get something delivered to you, no matter where in the world you are.

So I need to work on the reader tonight cause they are taking videos of it being used tomorrow at 9am. So I think I will sleep for a few hrs and then get back to school and code this.

Been listening to some good ol' Garbage lately. Love that music. If you like Garbage, then you will definately like Laika and Everything But The Girl.

Interesting Tidbit - Laika, was the first dog to ever go into space. Laika was also the first living thing in space too I believe. Dogs are so cool. :-)

This is my younger cousin and my dog - taken quite a few years ago. My dog would sit at the corner where he is in the picture and watch the world go by...I used to love to sit with him and just enjoy a nice evening in malawi. I'm glad I was able to spend so much time with my dog. You never realzie how much you miss someone until they are gone from your life.


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