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Monday, October 18, 2004

Hacking UFO:Alien Invasion
This is a primer on hacking UFO: Alient Invasion.

1) Get the game from UFO: AI

2) Install the game

3) Run the game

4) Save a game. Make a note of how much money you have.

5) Find the saved game in C:\Program Files\UFOAI\base\save

6) Based on the slot you saved to, open the corresponding file in a Hex Viewer. You can use Visual Studio.Net for this if you have it.

7) Convert your money to Hex. So for 3660 it will be E4C.

8) Jumble the Hex. This gives us 4C 0E.

9) Find the seqeuence 4C 0E in the file you just opened.

10) Change it to 28 23 to give you 9000 in money.

Have fun playing. :-)


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