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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Got my CSE 565: Software Testing exam back and I had a 99 out of 100. SUCKS!!! Forgot to answer the second part of a question. I can't believe I still make stupid errors like that at this age. Last time I made errors like that was on the GCSE mock exams.

Tomorrow: Exam in my CSE 531: Distributed Operating Systems shall take place. I've been told that the exams are TOUGH!!!! No one wants to give me an exam because they've all give it to someone else in the class and since the class is averaged, its in their advantage to not share the exams. Anyways. I'm told that an A in that class for an exam is 70%. YEP 70%. That is one TOUGH class.

On a lighter note...

After 11 years of watching the movements of two Earth-orbiting satellites, researchers found each is dragged by about 6 feet (2 meters) every year because the very fabric of space is twisted by our whirling world.

If you like OLD OLD games, like XCOM and UFO, then you'll like this site. Abandonia The site is dedicated to old games. I managed to get the good ol' ARENA when they announced its release.


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