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Saturday, October 30, 2004

The meaning of life.
Ever wanted the cultural and episodal references for futurama. Well look no further than The Tv Tome!
Thursday, October 28, 2004

Yes Name That Game 3 is here! So....NAME THAT GAME!!!






The cat in the hat!
Theres this cat thats been coming into my apartment and trying to look around. It just invites itself and likes to look around. Yesterday, it jumped onto the couch and sat next to me and liked to get its neck scratched. I think its a persian but I'm not much of a cat fanatic. But still its a cool cat.

The cat inspects my fridge.

It rains, it pours and the old man snores.
Its been raining. To quote Garbage
I'm only happy when it rains.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The SOX are Red!!!
THE SOX HAVE WON!!! THE SOX HAVE WON!!! 86 years and the SOX HAVE FINALLY WON! 4-0 against the cardinals and first time since 1918, the Red Sox have "the curse" lifted.

Monday, October 25, 2004

The Metaphorical Death March
Yes, the proverbial "Death March" is upon us (well me more than anyone cause I'm the only guy designing and developing the reader). To quote Ed Yourdoun, it is "a test of manhood, somewhat akin to climbing Mount Everest barefoot."

Ever tried.
Ever failed.
No matter.
Try Again.
Fail again.
Fail better.

Samuel Beckett
Worstward Ho (1984)

Sunday, October 24, 2004

You are .html You are versatile and improving, but you do have your limits.  When you work with amateurs it can get quite ugly.
Which File Extension are You?

I couldn't agree more. Amateurs are boring and a waste of time. Read a book instead of asking people or use google u lazy sods. :-) (every friend of mine is NOT in this category thankfully).

I was getting tired to typing the same code over and over in different places so I created a small macro to just add the skeleton automatically. I'm hoping to do a project where I add components into VS.NET based on my Thesis work. But thats for much much later. So, now I present to you, A Macro.....

Option Strict Off
Option Explicit Off
Imports System.Diagnostics

Public Module RecordingModule

Sub AddMessageBox()
DTE.ActiveDocument.Selection.Text = "MessageBox.Show(this, """", """", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error);"
End Sub
End Module

Who's Back?
Dan is back! Tomorrow at the vine at 6pm. See ya there.

Name The Game Challenge 2
So you call yourselves game critics and game buffs...but are u really that good. Test your Hours wasted playing games knowledge. Answers will follow soon.

Punes - or play on words
Office Space!

The Light Fantastic!

T - 13.5hrs
Daniele is coming back. There is a welcoming committee headed to the airport to get him. I just hope he has left already so he doesn't see this cause its supposed to be a surprise cooked up by me with approval from KC.

Stop your incessent whining!
In our reader app, i've created a number of managed libraries. I use a library within those libraries called AssemblySettings.dll in order to get the AppSettings data. Anyways, in the main app, when you add two dll's that use the same dependency, Visual Studio.Net starts whining like a dog forbidden to eat dinner.

Searching all over the vast expanse we call the Internet, I didn't find a satisfactory solution. So, I said to myself, why not just add all the projects together into one CUMULATIVE project. Then when it builds, it will see that the AssemblySettings.dll file for all the projects are the exact same and should stop its whining.

Without much further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you....The Build Output.

----- Build started: Project: TestReaderApp1, Configuration: Release .NET ------

Preparing resources...
Updating references...
Performing main compilation...

The project is up-to-date.
Building satellite assemblies...

---------------------- Done ----------------------

Build: 6 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 skipped

Saturday, October 23, 2004

A star is born.
So my good friend from high school, whom you've heard quoted in this blog sometimes (ok so his name is Vijay), has just won the Southern Arizona Racquetball Tournament. Of course he was playing in the senior women's league but thats a side of him you'll just have to get to know. :-) I'm just kidding....good job Vijay!!!

Day 3: Alive & Awake - All work and no play makes jack a dull boy...or does it?
[Vijay says] - if(dumbass), sleep = null

Are u calling me a "dumbass"??? :-) Would a dumbass tell you that your code is syntactically incorrect and will not compile. :-) Not to mention that the else should be included if you want to have a robust program :-)
Friday, October 22, 2004

The office with a view.
I love the cloud effects. Very unusual for our location. Except when its getting to winter time....so not so unusual for this time of the year.

Day 3 of Awake & Alive coming to fruition in 6hrs.
I can code in my sleep. SEE TOLD YA :-) !!!!!!!

Hi Ho Hi Ho Silver
Its 3:10am and I'm still at work. The halls are empty, the offices sparse. The music is loud and the fan is whirring. I love my monitors. :-)

The color of magic
Maroon....Maroon 5. I watched the video for She Will Be Loved. What a masterpiece. Froyd would be happy with the way that came out. I must recommend that you all watch the Video.
Thursday, October 21, 2004

Day 2: Awake & Barely Alive
This is day 2 of my marathon session of staying awake. I've had lots of coffee. I plan to go till friday night sometime which will make it 3 days of awake and barely alive. Imagine, if I could stay awake for a full week, I'd be able to join the Special Forces :-) Of course they actually do more than just sit in an office plonking on keys.


The plight of the world is at stake and the world is slient.
In case you don't know, Uganda (Africa) is under serious turmoil due to a civil war. About 20,000 children have been abducted by the Lords Resistance Army who uses child soldiers to fight their battles.

Not only is it deplorable, that the war has been ensuing, but the world media, and the world leaders are silent on this topic.

The whole African continent is in a sad state. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. For the first time ever, Aids is killing more people than malaria.

It pains me to see this, especially in countries like malawi which is close to my heart. It is a sad sad day indeed.

Rincewind turned and ran....
Well my DOS class exam is done. I think I did ok. Definately not 100. Now back to coding. SO here are some stats on my coding.

To Date: 10 weeks of coding results in 12,699 lines of code.

If I worked for every hour of every day then my efficiency is about 7 LOC/hr

I work more like 80hrs a week -> efficiency = approx 16 LOC/hr

I get paid for 20hrs a week -> efficiency from a work standpoint is approx 64 LOC/hr.

Ladies and gentlemen, might I toot my own horn and say, thats VERY impressive numbers. VERY!!!!! (industry standard 1 LOC/hr)

Technically Speaking � Hellacious Riders Offer 100GB Email Accounts
Technically Speaking � Hellacious Riders Offer 100GB Email Accounts: "http://tonytalkstech.com/2004/09/30/hellacious-riders-offer-100gb-email-accounts/trackback/"

I always wanted to use the Blog This! button and now I can. For all you lovers of email accumulation, here is an offer your going to love. :-)

Whats Longhorn gonna require?
Our building has a security team monitoring it day and night. Since I'm here all night, most nights, i've gotton to know a few of the security guards (those that bother to patrol the halls anyways). They are pretty cool guys always willing to listen with wide eyes about the work and research as well as other tech stuff. So today, actually a few minutes ago, one guy asked me what's next for computers. I told him about the DUAL core CPU's that are becoming the fad.

Then I wondered, what does MS thing will the requirements be for Longhorn. So I went to google and found this little excerpt from Technically Speaking.

Microsoft is expected to recommend that the “average” Longhorn PC feature a dual-core CPU running at 4 to 6GHz; a minimum of 2 gigs of RAM; up to a terabyte of storage; a 1 Gbit, built-in, Ethernet-wired port and an 802.11g wireless link; and a graphics processor that runs three times faster than those on the market today.

Well at least I have almost a terrabyte of storage on all my machines put together. :-) Oh and I have a built in Gigabit ethernet built into all my comps motherboards too.

The evil super company.
Yes the evil corporation opens for work at 5am. I just called :-)

The Heat Is ON!
Well i've been studying for the DOS class since 5pm yesterday. Thats almost 12 hrs. I still have about 4 more sections to do (total of 16). Oh so painful. How do u threading for OS's which are Preemptive vs. Non-preemptive. Now what if its on a uniprocessor vs. multiprocessor. Now how do u distinguish between User-level and Kernel-level threads. Now lets make life hard and try to do synchronization in all these cases. AGGHHHH!!!! As prodigy said it "My Mind Is On Fire."

Good thing I have a Huge fan in my office. :-)

I wonder what time Starbucks opens? 5am?

Remember this?

And this?

So what were these games? Did you ever play them?

Victory was mine...UFO:AI RULZ!!! I just sweapt through the city where an alien infestation has occured. I had 3 soldiers with sniper rifles. 3 with assult rifles. 1 with a plasma gun and 1 with a bazooka. I use a spotter for each sniper (play the assult rifle soldiers with the sniper soldiers) and have the bazooka guy close to the plasma guy. That way I put the smack on any alien. :-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Star Goose

Its one of the best and most addictive games of the ol' days. I loved this game. I played it to death and now I'll play it some more...once my exam is done and my reader project is finished. Only on Abandonia.com

Got my CSE 565: Software Testing exam back and I had a 99 out of 100. SUCKS!!! Forgot to answer the second part of a question. I can't believe I still make stupid errors like that at this age. Last time I made errors like that was on the GCSE mock exams.

Tomorrow: Exam in my CSE 531: Distributed Operating Systems shall take place. I've been told that the exams are TOUGH!!!! No one wants to give me an exam because they've all give it to someone else in the class and since the class is averaged, its in their advantage to not share the exams. Anyways. I'm told that an A in that class for an exam is 70%. YEP 70%. That is one TOUGH class.

On a lighter note...

After 11 years of watching the movements of two Earth-orbiting satellites, researchers found each is dragged by about 6 feet (2 meters) every year because the very fabric of space is twisted by our whirling world.

If you like OLD OLD games, like XCOM and UFO, then you'll like this site. Abandonia The site is dedicated to old games. I managed to get the good ol' ARENA when they announced its release.
Tuesday, October 19, 2004

We are not ready....He is!
Halo 2.

Coming in Stores: 11/9/04.

The world will never be the same.

Price = approx $50

I'm so screwed. Halo 2 on 9th. Half Life 2 on 16th. I've got 8 days to finish Halo 2. :-)

Over and Over
I've been watching the video for Everything I've Got In My Pocket - Minnie Driver and I am just amazed by how good it sounds. So mellow and so soothing. Believe it or not, she was a singer before she became famous as an actress.

Review by Thom Jurek allmusic.com

According to her bio, Minnie Driver was a singer long before she ever became an actress. Accordingly, Everything I've Got in My Pocket, her first album, contains ten Driver originals and a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Hungry Heart." The project began as an exhortation by producer Marc "Doc" Dauer, who had heard Driver's songs accompanied by her self-admitted "mangled" guitar playing. Dauer plays guitar and leads a band that includes multi-instrumentalist Rami Jaffee. As for the material, it's pleasant and the songs are ably written, and Driver can sing to boot. She writes all over the map, from the gently textured Americana of "Fast As You Can" to the suburban country-flavored "Home" to the lush folksy pop of "Invisible Girl," which feels like some slick teahouse session between Aimee Mann and Avril Lavigne. There's nothing wrong with anything here: it's pleasant, breezy, and gentle. But records come out like this every single day. These songs possess no edge — nothing to distinguish them whatsoever other than that they were recorded by a famous actress. In addition, the Springsteen cover is an utter throwaway; she adds nothing to the song, and in fact drains the emotion from it. What does stand out is Dauer's fine, sympathetic production and his nuanced attention to detail, giving the record some weight and dimension. For the record, Driver is a developing songwriter, someone who is growing into her material and finding her way into her craft. But to be honest, anyone else would never get the chance to record a second record because there is not enough here to make this collection of songs notable. Celebrity has its privilege; should Driver go further, sharpening and developing her skills, it will have served her well. For now, though, she shouldn't quit her day job, because at this moment in time this is a curiosity piece and little more.

I know the albumn didn't get a good review but I for one will definately try and get this complete albumn becase as I heard the music, I grew to love it more and more. And as I already said, well I haven't said, but I will say now, the lyrics metaphorically speak to me. But if sultry soothing music is not your thing, stay away from it and come back to it hopefully when she does a new albumn.

HALF LIFE 2 Release Date Set in GOLD.
Ladies & Gentlemen. As Winston Churchill put it so eloquently
Arm yourselves, and be ye men of valour, and be in readiness for the conflict; for it is better for us to perish in battle than to look upon the outrage of our nation and our altar.

So I say to you, are you brave. Are you bold. Are you....an elite? Gamers of the world unite for this is the hour of our glory or the year of defeat.

The date of our deliverance has been foretold. NOVEMBER 16th. Tis' the day of the release of Half Life 2. It is also a very special day for me too because its my день рождения.

Get in lines, order your copy. Shun the world and on the night of November 16th, play...play like you've never played before for this is Half Life 2, the most awaited game of our century.

A study done by SecurityFocus on the leading browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla / Netscape / Firefox, Opera, Lynx, Links found the following.

All browsers but Microsoft Internet Explorer kept crashing on a regular basis due to NULL pointer references, memory corruption, buffer overflows, sometimes memory exhaustion; taking several minutes on average to encounter a tag they couldn't parse.

If you'd like to read more on the browsers, to see that I ain't making it up and that your browsers (anything but IE) really does SUCK DONKEY BALLS.... :-)
go here. SecurityFocus Web browsers - a mini farce

All I want to say is...if you don't use IE, you got nailed :-) HAHAHAHA
Monday, October 18, 2004

Hacking UFO:Alien Invasion
This is a primer on hacking UFO: Alient Invasion.

1) Get the game from UFO: AI

2) Install the game

3) Run the game

4) Save a game. Make a note of how much money you have.

5) Find the saved game in C:\Program Files\UFOAI\base\save

6) Based on the slot you saved to, open the corresponding file in a Hex Viewer. You can use Visual Studio.Net for this if you have it.

7) Convert your money to Hex. So for 3660 it will be E4C.

8) Jumble the Hex. This gives us 4C 0E.

9) Find the seqeuence 4C 0E in the file you just opened.

10) Change it to 28 23 to give you 9000 in money.

Have fun playing. :-)

Case Closed.
Daniele is coming back on this coming sunday. I guess we can go to the vine on monday evening. :-)
Sunday, October 17, 2004

UFO In Game Exclusive
I was playing the game UFO: Alien Invasion; well the demo anyways. I managed to corner the alien alive. Notice how close the camera is. This feature of UFO:Alien Invasion is pretty cool. You can zoom in quite close to the action.

Then to see how good the death of the alien was, I took some screen shots of how it happened. Here is my team getting the bad alien man. Bad Alien bad!

Its 5 am and I just finished coding a pretty decent amount. Still a LOT of work left to do. If only these JAWS Screen Reader folk would work weekends I would be much farther along. I have a bad feeling that even if they did, I wouldn't be able to get them to tell me how to do some JAWS programming without Scripts.

Ok so I'm going to go home soon. I'll be back at say 2. I need to get some sleep tonight because I have a BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG exam this coming week and I am TOTALLY scared. The prof is hard and his exams are known to be extremely tough. I looked at a sample exam and didn't know any of the questions. But in class, I am able to follow the lecture and understand the material. SO what am I doing wrong? Well...it seems as though I was supposed to learn about the material on my own outside of class....yeah right!!! :-)

Well I had posted on my MSN Messenger ID the following -- "Remember the file Liglob.dat??"

The winner of Know your File was Vijay who was right in stating that it was from UFO: Enemy Unknown. Its the file you have to hack in order to get tons of money :-)
And yes I did do that.

If your into UFO: Enemy Unknown then you'll definately like this new remake. Its just a demo at this stage but its DAM GOOD!!! (5/5)

UFO: Alien Invasion

I've played the demo which has a few mission and its Excellent. The gameplay rulz, the graphics are awesome and the sounds are...well they are best described as "environmentally poised." Best yet, it works on your good ol' WinXP so that a big plus :-) The AI is pretty good too. Definately try it out and let me know what you think.

The good ol' UFO Menu

The Spaceship & Game View

Tick Tock Tick Tock
I didn't realize that .Net had 3 types of timers. I have always used the System.Windows.Forms.Timer when I needed to do any timer related processing. Apparently, there is one provided by the System.Threading class that is pretty reliable (more reliable than the one provided by Forms).

I feel quite stupid not having known this but it just goes to show that .Net is just such a vast framework.

So how do u code using the Threading Timer you ask. Well, I'll show you a neat little piece to play a wave file while processing some data in the background. That way users know that the application is functioning.

1) Add the Using clause.

using System.Threading;
using System.Globalization;
using Microsoft.Win32;

2) Add the DllImport statement.

// PlaySound()
[DllImport("winmm.dll", SetLastError=true, CallingConvention=CallingConvention.Winapi)]
static extern bool PlaySound( string pszSound, IntPtr hMod, SoundFlags sf );

3) Add the SoundFlags enumerator in order to pass the information to the PlaySound() method.

public enum SoundFlags : int
SND_SYNC = 0x0000, /* play synchronously (default) */
SND_ASYNC = 0x0001, /* play asynchronously */
SND_NODEFAULT = 0x0002, /* silence (!default) if sound not found */
SND_MEMORY = 0x0004, /* pszSound points to a memory file */
SND_LOOP = 0x0008, /* loop the sound until next sndPlaySound */
SND_NOSTOP = 0x0010, /* don't stop any currently playing sound */
SND_NOWAIT = 0x00002000, /* don't wait if the driver is busy */
SND_ALIAS = 0x00010000, /* name is a registry alias */
SND_ALIAS_ID = 0x00110000, /* alias is a predefined ID */
SND_FILENAME = 0x00020000, /* name is file name */
SND_RESOURCE = 0x00040004 /* name is resource name or atom */

4) Add a Using clause to the part of the code that you want your timer to run on.

using (System.Threading.Timer timer = new System.Threading.Timer(new TimerCallback(PlayWavFile), null, 0, 5000))

5) Add the PlayWavFile method.

private void PlayWavFile(Object state)
int err = 0; // last error

// play the sound from the selected filename
if (!PlaySound( @"C:\SoundFile.wav", IntPtr.Zero, SoundFlags.SND_FILENAME SoundFlags.SND_ASYNC ))
MessageBox.Show(this, "Unable to find specified sound file or default Windows sound");
err = Marshal.GetLastWin32Error();
if (err != 0)
MessageBox.Show( this, "Error " + err.ToString(), "PlaySound() failed", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error );

I know the code looks manageled but thats only because Blogger in all its wisdom doesn't have code snippet technology. I've written to them and asked them about it and i'll fix this if they do.
Friday, October 15, 2004

Bloggers World Divided
Seems like Andy and Daniel don't read my blog too often. :-) Daniel has a blog but I don't see his update on there too often. I tried to get Andy to use a blog but he doesn't want to. If your reading this, and you don't have a blog, create one. Its really a nice way to communicated when you don't see people too often.

Building Secure ASP.NET Applications: Authentication, Authorization, and Secure Communication

The above is a really good article on encryption for .Net. They cover
-DES (Digital Encryption Standard)
-Triple DES

The code allows you to select between the 4 encryptions. I will definately use this for my Authentication class for the DotNetBlogger.

Lately I remember, speaking with the boy....
So Daniele is coming back from Italy finally....FINALLY!!!!

On a side note....4 monitors = NO NO!!

I have whip lash in my neck from using all 4 monitors together. :-) Seems like 3 is the magic number for monitors. I'll go back to that soon.

Monitor this!!!

Yeah!!!! Its all GOOD!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

[Vijay] - Sushant, your a drama queen.

OH NO!!!! :-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Debate At ASU
I went to the MU/Hayden area of ASU today evening in order to take in the debate. Being a "once in a lifetime opportunity", I was really happy to have made it there. So I took some photos, and here they are.

This is the West Hall in front of Hayden lawn.

This is the CNN booth on Hayden lawn. Wolf Blitzer was there.

This is the fountain near the MU.

This is the decor just outside MU across the HARD TALK booth.

This is some local spanish channel interview session in front of the Hard Talk booth. Chris Matthews and Ron Regan were there.

And finally this is me on Hayden lawn.

Press "Any Key"
How can I catch keyboard messages on a application-wide basis?

You can implement the IMessageFilter interface in your main form. This amounts to adding an override for PreFilterMessage, and looking for the particular message you need to catch. In the sample, there are two forms, with several controls. You'll notice that no matter what form or control has input focus, the escape key is caught in the PreFilterMessage override.

public class MyMainForm : System.Windows.Forms.Form, IMessageFilter{
const int WM_KEYDOWN = 0x100;
const int WM_KEYUP = 0x101;

public bool PreFilterMessage(ref Message m)
Keys keyCode = (Keys)(int)m.WParam & Keys.KeyCode;

if(m.Msg == WM_KEYDOWN && keyCode == Keys.Escape)
Console.WriteLine("Ignoring Escape...");
return true;

return false;


private void MyMainForm_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)



The Emperor's New Camera
Took some pics real quick with the new camera. So here they are.

These are the books on my bookshelf.

This is the view from my office.

And finally, this is me, looking out to the view from my office, hoping to be outside on such a beautiful day.

The Presidential Debate
Today is the presidential debate at ASU. I won't be there to view it in person but I might just watch the thing on tv like millions of others. Apparently CNN and some other news places have put up stands on Hayden lawn. Maybe I'll go take pictures today with my NEW camera.

The UPS people really do work hard. The driver from whom we got the package finally only got in at 9:30pm and was expected to be back at 6am. I guess the debate has affected delivery.

Now, I need to work on some code for the reader. :-)
Tuesday, October 12, 2004

ID myself
I went to Oktoberfest with elizabeth and co. and was denied access because "I didn't have a US ID." Idiots. I have an international drivers liscence and they denied that. SO I finally relented to this regionists (like racists but with regions) and got a local ID card. So now card me and I will provide you with a "region 1" ID.

My Picture Box with the Imp inside.
I bought a new camera. Yes I finally gave in to peer pressure and bought one so that I can take pictures of my whiteboard and save all my work.

They came to deliver it today and obviously I wasn't home so they decided to ignore the note on the door to deliver it to the office. Decided, they would rather come back tomorrow when, again, I am not home. So with the help of a college, I shall go today at 7:30 and pick it up from them. They should pay me now for the transportation that I have to use because they didn't fullfil their obligation to deliver it to me.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could have an option to get something delivered to you, no matter where in the world you are.

So I need to work on the reader tonight cause they are taking videos of it being used tomorrow at 9am. So I think I will sleep for a few hrs and then get back to school and code this.

Been listening to some good ol' Garbage lately. Love that music. If you like Garbage, then you will definately like Laika and Everything But The Girl.

Interesting Tidbit - Laika, was the first dog to ever go into space. Laika was also the first living thing in space too I believe. Dogs are so cool. :-)

This is my younger cousin and my dog - taken quite a few years ago. My dog would sit at the corner where he is in the picture and watch the world go by...I used to love to sit with him and just enjoy a nice evening in malawi. I'm glad I was able to spend so much time with my dog. You never realzie how much you miss someone until they are gone from your life.

Friday the 13th.
Actually it was Friday the 8th. Twas the night of Andy's Birthday. We had dinner at Plaid. Went to P.F. Changs for drinks. Watched a movie.

But there is more....

Daniel questioned the verbage of the name Plaid and I would venture that he pissed off the server...i'm sure he didn't mean to. :-)

Then Daniel told us about the "funnel."

At P.F. Changs we bought drinks for andy hoping he would enjoy his new found freedom to drink. But he diskliked the beer, thought the pinacolada was a cough syrup and loved some white milky drink. So we threatened to bring the "funnel" if he didn't drink his drinks. Of course, he didn't so Daniel had them for him.

While standing in line at the theatre, Daniel got everyone in the line to sing Happy Birthday to Andy. That was nice. Then andy got a free movie pass.

Finally we got out and went home.

So ended a friday of fun.
Monday, October 11, 2004

Work for the day

1) Do cse 531 hwk for tomorrow.
2) Get code for Reader done for tomorrow.
3) Get exam done for wednesday.
4) Fall down dead from exhaustion thursday.

I am eating some nice vegetable rice dish from In Season Deli. Quite a nice place to go for lunch. I think the rice dish is called Tabouli. Anyways, once I get this down, I'll wash it down with some ice cream from Coldstone. Coffee & mint mixed with pistachio and bananas. I call it the Banana-na-na-Surpise (Like in one of the Discworld novels..might have been Witches Abroad).

I realized I'm not a child anymore.
Today I realized just how old I am...or rather feel. This revelation came to me when I realized that I had bought a piece of chocolate cake and had failed to eat it completely. Having never wasted any chocolate, least chocolate cake, I was quite amazed when I packed up the take out box and dumped it in the garbage can.

I am in need of a vacation. Away from everyone and in absolute desolation....peace and calm. Too bad I can't afford it right now.

I need to get some sleep. This old man has battled the sea for too long.
Sunday, October 10, 2004

Project Inception: DotNetBlogger

Why? - I am starting work on an Application called DotNetBlogger. I have used w.blogger to post into my blog but it does not allow me to post into my FTP space.

Features - The features I am hoping to include are
1) Post into FTP
2) Post into Blogger
3) Easy & Intuitive UI
4) Accessible
5) Application.Config file to hold XML-RPC URI information
6) Multi-User application & custom configuration settings.
7) Secure using .Net's own Encryption API

TimeLine For DotNetBlogger - I'm hoping to have this completed by December 04. Busy with school and work right now so it might take a while. If your interested in developing this with me, I'd be happy to have your help.

If you have any comments or suggestions for features or anything else, please let me know. I'd be happy to incorporate those time willing.

Current Prototype - I have done a proof of concept program and been able to get user information for a given username and password. It took me about 10 min to figure out completely how to do that.
Thursday, October 07, 2004

The christening of blogger.
So it was written and so it shall be. I am now a blogger.